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Don't miss the best of the Zoo! Arrive early for all the fun. Daily Event Times.


"Best Place to Take Kids"
Gulfshore Life magazine

We're much more than a walk-thru zoo. You'll both enjoy seeing animals in our historic gardens and experience a variety of wildly fun presentations and activities.

Hear why Naples Zoo President and CEO Jack Mulvena is committed to educational programs and introducing children to nature.


Safari Canyon Feature Show
Experience living animals along with wildlife footage and live cam action on video screens.
Media Sponsor:
98.9 WGUF | Mix 104.7

  Primate Expedition Cruise
A guided journey past islands of monkeys, lemurs, and apes.
Sponsor: BOB FM 102.9.

Jungle Larry & Safari Jane's
Snakes Alive!

Observe venomous snakes and other reptiles and speak with professional handlers.

Meet the Keeper
Talk with professional zookeepers and see the animals they care for.

Alligator Bay
Learn the truth behind
the myths while staff hand-feed these giant reptiles.

Gator Country 101.9.



Events Schedule

9:30 Animal Training Session

10:00 Meet the Keeper: Gibbons

10:30 Snakes Alive along Shoreline Trail

11:15 Meet the Keeper: Florida Panther

11:45 Feature Show

12:30 Meet the Keeper: Pythons

1:00 Meet the Keeper: Giraffe Herd

1:30 Meet the Keeper: Malayan Tigers

2:00 Animal Training Session

2:30 Meet the Keeper: Black Bear

3:00 Meet the Keeper: Giant Anteater

3:45 Alligator Bay Feeding

Although it is very rare, because of the nature of caring for living creatures, all events and times are subject to change without notice. We recommend an early arrival to see the full variety of activities offered at the zoo.

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