Field Trip Experiences

Field Trip Experiences

Make your field trip a valuable learning opportunity by including a unique Field Trip Experience! These brand new standards-based programs are led by experienced Zoo educators and last 45 minutes so you still have time to see the Zoo. Programs include interactive STEM lessons and an education animal encounter all while learning about Naples Zoo’s residents and protecting wildlife in southwest Florida and around the world. 

Seasonal Programs - Available through April 21, 2019

Beach Buddies (Kindergarten - 2nd Grade) - Starts December 1, 2018
In this engaging program, Naples Zoo is bringing the beach to our classroom! Through sorting activities and water demonstrations, we will learn how trash and plastics travel through the environment, and end up in the ocean. Investigations will lead students to discover how plastics and other trash affect an animal’s ability to acquire their basic needs to survive. 

Trash Likes to Move It, Move It (3rd - 5th Grade) - Starts January 3, 2019
How does so much trash end up in an animal’s stomach? Through hands-on activities and water demonstrations, students will explore how plastics end up in the ocean. Then we will dive deeper to explore the effects of plastics on animals as we conduct mock animal dissections.

Program Topics by Age Level

Outrageous Outsides (Early Education 3-4 year olds)
Students will practice their observation skills by using their senses to explore the outer coverings of different animals and plants. How does an animal’s outside help it survive? What do plant leaves feel like? Students conduct simple experiments to explore how different outsides help with different needs. They will also use their creativity to make plant and animal rubbings. 
Standards: VI.A.1.a.- b., VI.A.2.a., VI.B.1.a.

We're All Unique! (Kindergarten - 1st Grade)
Explore with us as we look at how plants and animals can look wildly different! Students will test their skills to see how well they can match up animal babies to their parents, and learn how there can be variations within whole populations. Do all giraffes look the same? What about zebras? Come find out how all animals are truly unique, just like you.
Standards: SC.K.L.14.3, SC.1.L.16.1

Survival of the Seasons (2nd - 3rd Grade)
Explore animal behavior as we take a look into the lives of animals over one year’s time. How do seasonal changes require a change in an animal’s behavior or physical characteristics in order to thrive? Students put their engineering and problem-solving skills to the test as they build structures to address real-life scenarios.
Standards: SC.2.E.7.1, SC.2.L.17.1, SC.3.L.17.1

Swamp Detectives (4th - 5th Grade)
Students will earn their detective badges with this “escape room” style program as they follow clues and investigate some mysterious happenings in the swamp. Learn how environments can change and how animals must learn to adjust or move out. Join us as we dive in and take action to keep these habitats safe for all plants and animals!
Standards: SC.4.L.16.2, SC.4.L.17.4, SC.5.L.17.1 , SC.5.L.15.1


$12 per student (includes zoo admission)
*One adult for every 10 students is free, additional adults are $12.
Minimum 10 paying students required.

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