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Hand-Feed the Herd of Giraffe!

There's nothing quite like watching the world's tallest animal lean down to you and nibble a treat from your hand. Best of all, you can enjoy this experience every day between 10 a.m. and 3 p.m. at Naples Zoo. For just $5, you'll receive a serving of three tasty leaves of romaine lettuce from Wynn's Market. It's an experience you won't forget as you get an incredible close up view of our elegant giraffe. Trained docents answer your questions so you can learn how little giraffes sleep each day and why high blood pressure is a good thing for these gentle giants! 

Your visit both supports of the care of the giraffe you see as well as giraffe in the wild. Look below to see how you can help rangers help fight giraffe poachers!

Helping Giraffes Near . . .

To further the goals of the Reticulated and Rothschild Giraffe Species Survival Plan® (SSP), we assembled a bachelor herd through the efforts of nationally accredited zoos between Florida and California. The SSP is a cooperative conservation effort among zoos accredited by the Association of Zoos and Aquariums. Just like in the wild where males will leave the bachelor herds to seek out female company, bachelor herds in zoos will send out some males for breeding. In zoos, these moves are scientifically analyzed by an SSP coordinator using custom software that includes the extensive ancestry records of all the giraffes in North America to insure the healthiest genetic herd for long-term survival. As part of this program, one of our giraffe was sent out in the spring of 2015 to help father the next generation of giraffes.

. . . and Far

In just the last 15 years, Africa's giraffe population has plummeted by 40%. To secure a better future for these iconic creatures, Naples Zoo partners with the Giraffe Conservation Foundation (GCF). While giraffe are one of the most recognized of all animals, there is surprisingly little research on them. Under the guidance of Dr. Julian Fennessy who is also Co-Chair of the IUCN SSC Giraffe & Okapi Specialist Group, GCF is changing that by establishing current status updates of giraffe populations and identifying innovative ways to mitigate threats along with so much more. 

You Can Help Rangers Save Giraffe!

Donate a New or Used Handheld GPS

Through the Giraffe Conservation Foundation, your GPS can become a Giraffe Positioning System! Day and night, rangers risk their lives fighting poachers and saving wildlife. Your handheld GPS in a ranger’s hands documents vital data for long-term monitoring as well as provides exact locations to radio in backup teams when poachers have been spotted. 

Donating is simple.

Just drop off your handheld GPS (not car units) in the gift shop. If you'd like, you can also purchase one for us to send to the rangers. To help even more, buy one at through this link and a percentage of your purchase is donated to the Zoo! Just search "handheld GPS." Units like the Garmin eTrex 10 or eTrex20 or Magellan eXplorist 100 will work well. You can even dropship it to the Zoo! If you're shipping, please e-mail our Director of Conservation at with your name and adress and the unit purchased so we can send out an in-kind donation receipt for your taxes. 

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Any questions, please e-mail our Director of Conservation Tim Tetzlaff. Thank you!