Win Breakfast with the Giraffes: Help us raise our weight in giraffe FUNdraising Contest

Win Breakfast with the Giraffes: Help Us Raise Our Giraffes’ Weight in Dollars for World Giraffe Day. All donations are due by Saturday, June 18 at 5pm. 

Join us in making this year’s World Giraffe Day on June 18 a resounding success by helping us raise our giraffes’ total weight in dollars: 13,178 pounds. The three individuals who raise the most dollars will enjoy breakfast by the giraffes along with up to three guests each the next week on the morning of Saturday, June 25. You’ll meet our herd and get to know each of our giraffe’s personalities as you enjoy chatting with their animal care staff.

Pledge Donation Form 

Get creative in raising funds knowing 100% will go to helping giraffes in the wild. Throw a party where guests bring cash presents for giraffes. Or collect items from friends to create a treasure chest of valuable items to raffl­e off at work. Maybe even team up with three friends to combine efforts for a chance for all of you to enjoy the breakfast together. Turn in funds to Naples Zoo in person or online at by the end of June 18, 2016. (Please note World Giraffe Day on the check or online form.) Then plan to join us on June 18 for more giraffe-focused fun at the Zoo. It’s time to stand tall for giraffes!



Scientific Name

Giraffa camelopardalis reticulata


Africa, south of the Sahara

What do they eat?

Herbivore; leaves, shoots, branches, bark


Stable but decreasing


Up to 25 years

Conservation Threats

Habitat degradation and poaching


Feed a Giraffe!

There's nothing quite like watching the world's tallest animal lean down to you and nibble a treat from your hand. 

Open: 10 am to 3 pm 

Cost: $5 for three leaves

Sponsored by: The Wynn Family of Businesses