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For 12 days in December, Naples Zoo will be delivering
special gifts to the wild animals.

From December 13th all the way to Christmas Eve 2014, the Zoo will be delivering special gifts to the wild animals featuring some of their favorite treats wrapped in holiday fun. (Full Schedule) (The Zoo is closed Christmas Day)

Adding to the community spirit, many Southwest Floridians are contributing to the festivities. Recreating a veritable subtropical Santa’s workshop, residents at Brookdale senior living communities from Naples to Sarasota are once again crafting many of the animal-friendly treats that will add to add to the animal’s holiday cheer. Some of the senior toymakers will also make special visits to Naples Zoo to see their presents get wildly unwrapped.

Festive Fun that's Good for Animals: Events like this are part of the daily animal enrichment program. Proper animal husbandry at Naples Zoo is provided by professional staff and includes not only thorough cleaning, nutritional diets, veterinary care, and daily record keeping, but also behavioral enrichment. Enrichment begins with exhibit design, number and variety of animals living together, and also includes toys for the animal to play with (or destroy!), supplemental foraging activities, and even the use of scents and visuals to increase curiosity about objects. By rotating activities throughout time, animals consistently engage in something fun and thought provoking. Holidays allow both wildlife, staff, and zoo guests to enjoy some additional seasonal fun.

Download the Full Schedule and Join us for This Seasonal Celebration!









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