October Camp Wild

We are excited to offer NEW October Day Camps! 

October 12th, 13th and 14th! 

Pokémon 101  (BYOD!)  – Oct. 12, 2016  BRING YOUR OWN DEVICE DAY! The zoo has found itself flooded with many new species of creatures through the game Pokémon Go. Come spend the day with the zoo’s Pokémon Keeper using your own device to practice catching Pokémon and learning what these animals might be like in real life. *Campers are required to bring their own device (phone or tablet) on this day.

Nature’s Masquerade – Oct. 13, 2016    Survival in nature provides for constant games of deception and adaptation. Join us for a quick look at who the true tricksters and masters of disguise are, many of which can be found right here at the zoo!

The Bumps in the Night – Oct. 14, 2016    We all grew up curious, and potentially fearful, of the many things that go bump in the night. Join us at the zoo as we shed some light on who the dark is hiding and learn why we shouldn’t be scared of them anymore.

DATES: October 12, 13 and 14
TIME: 8:30 am to 4:30 pm
AGES: 5 – 12 years old
COST: Members: $49 per child per day. 
           Non-Members: $59 per child per day. 

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Additional information: Extended Care is not available for day camps.

Questions? Contact education@napleszoo.org or call 239-262-5409 ext 158.