Safari Squad

Safari Squad

Join the Squad! Bring 3-5 year olds for a playful adventure as we launch “Safari Squad!", our program for our youngest learners. Safari Squad programs feature an animal encounter, storybook reading, an arts and crafts project, and free-choice play stations, all focused on a special, new theme each month. Safari Squad will now be featured at 10:00 am for one Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday each month! Classes begin at 10:00 am and usually last an hour.

Monthly Themes: 

“What Large Teeth You Have!” 
July 18, 19, 22
Different animals have different kinds of teeth. Let's check out some of their pearly whites!

"Doc McChin"
August 8, 9, 12
This class is named after our Naples Zoo Veterinarian! What do you think it would be like to be a zoo veterinarian? Find out and practice your doctor skills!

"Animal Yoga"
September 12, 13, 16
Stretch high like a giraffe, be still like a tree. In this class, see what other animals you can pose like!

“Who Turned Out the Lights?”
October 10, 11, 14
Join us to discover nocturnal animals - those who prowl at night!

“Animal Architects”
November 14, 15, 18
Learn about how animals build things and why. We will build some fun things too!

“Monkey’n Around”
December 12, 13, 16
Go bananas and learn about the monkeys!


members: $10 each
non-members: $25 each (includes full day admission)


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