Spring Camp WILD

Spring 2019 Edition

Camps are offered year-round and have daily or weekly themes. Camps include games, tours, crafts and dynamic animal encounters to immerse children in nature while meeting new friends. 
Camp Ages: 5 to 12 years old
Camp Time: 9:00 am - 4:00 pm

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Monday, March 11th: color splash

From flashy macaws to bright red lemurs, the animal kingdom is a kaleidoscope of color! During this camp, we will check out animal coloration, why colors are so important, and meet a keeper and some bright animal friends. Register now!

Tuesday, March 12th: secrets of the east

Explore the secret wonders of the East! From clouded leopards hiding in the trees, to the elusive “ghost monkeys”; discover all that Asia has to offer. Be prepared to solve puzzles, seek out hidden animals, and write in a new language. Register now!

Wednesday, March 13th: wild connections

People and animals are connected in so many ways! Because we're all connected, we can protect animals and their habitats. Learn about some keystone species and see how your actions can help animals all over the world. Register now!

Thursday, March 14th: zoo babies

Calves, kittens, cubs, oh my! Come see our new spring arrivals experience the world for the first time. Learn about the connection between babies and their mothers and how important they are for conservation.  And of course, see how cute they are! Register now!

Friday, March 15th: journey to the deep

Come make a splash with us as we explore what lurks in the deepest parts of the ocean. Campers will cool off as we explore water conservation with hands-on activities that will leave campers dripping with knowledge about all things fishy! Register now!


Members: $49 per child per day
Non-members: $59 per child per day
*10% off for multiple days or multiple campers

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