Wild Encounters

Wild Encounters bring guests closer to wildlife by having a one-of-a-kind experience with select animals behind-the-scenes. Every Wild Encounter includes a personalized experience with a conservation educator, a meet and greet with a zoo keeper, and an up-close interaction with some of our amazing animals! Interactions depend on the species, but may include feeding, making enrichment, or observing training. Note: our black and white tegu experience is the only Wild Encounter that allows touching of the animals. Book your tour today! 

Age Restrictions:
Wild Encounters often have age requirements to maintain your safety and the safety of our animals. The following age minimums are required:
Giant Anteater and Red-Ruffed Lemur Encounters: Must be 5 years old or older.
Honey Badger, Giraffe and Tegu Encounters: All ages welcome.
*Guests ages 15 and under must be accompanied by a guest over the age of 18. *Guests ages 16 and up may participate unaccompanied.

Black and White Tegu Encounter

Encounters offered every sunday at 1:00 pm

Have you seen our tegu in the Reptile Rendezvous show? Now you can meet this scaly star up-close at our Black and White Tegu Wild Encounter! This is the only encounter at Naples Zoo where touching is allowed! Meet at the Safari Canyon Theater, near the gift shop.
No minimum age requirement.
6 people 
Members: $25/person  
Non-members: $35/person + admission

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Red Ruffed Lemur Encounter

Encounters offered every monday at 11:00 am

They leap, they pollinate, they hang by their feet, and they sunbathe; it’s all in a day for a lemur! At the Red Ruffed Lemur Wild Encounter, you’ll learn all about this unique primate while you feed them a snack!
Minimum age:
5 years old
6 people 
Members: $55/person  
Non-members: $65/person + admission

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Giant Anteater Encounter

Encounters offered every tuesday at 11:00 am

What does DeeGee the giant anteater eat at Naples Zoo? You’ll be surprised to learn it’s (mostly) not ants! Learn about this weird and wild animal, and then feed him a snack yourself at our Giant Anteater Wild Encounter! Meet for this encounter at the anteater exhibit across from Alligator Bay and the tortoise exhibits.
Minimum age: 5 years old  
Capacity: 6 people 
Members: $45/person  Non-members: $55/person + admission

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Honey Badger Encounter

Encounters offered every Friday at 10:00 am

You may think the honey badger don’t care, but that’s just an internet rumor! At the Honey Badger Wild Encounter, you can help take care of our trio of badgers by making fun, food-filled enrichment. You’ll even go into the exhibit to place the enrichment yourself! Then, the badgers will be let out to find their treats! Meet at the honey badger exhibit near Lake Victoria.
No minimum age requirement.
6 people 
Members: $25/person  Non-members: $35/person + admission

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Giraffe Encounter (starts October 20th!)

Encounters offered every saturday at 10:00 am

Did you know that many residents of Naples Zoo are artists, including our giraffes? At Giraffe Wild Encounters, you can take home a personalized masterpiece and get an up-close view of these magnificent creatures while learning how Naples Zoo is helping to protect them in the wild.
No minimum age requirement.
4 people 
Members: $85/person  
Non-members: $95/person + admission

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Questions? Email education@napleszoo.org or call 239-262-5409 ext. 158!

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