2018 Press Releases

2018 Press Releases

10.22.18: PRESS RELEASE: Naples Zoo Presents "Washed Ashore: Art to Save the Sea"
     -Photo: Natasha the Turtle
     -Photo: Chompers the Shark
     -Photo: Octavia the Octopus
     -Photo: Priscilla the Parrot Fish

9.17.18: PRESS RELEASE: Naples Zoo Saddened to Announce Death of Uno
     -Photo: Uno
     -Photo: Uno
     -Photo: Uno

5.11.18 PRESS RELEASE: Naples Zoo Breaking Ground on the Glass Animal Hospital
   -Photo: Group photo
     -Photo: Breaking ground

4.18.18 PRESS RELEASE: Naples Zoo Announces Final Exhibit to Re-Open after Hurricane Irma
   -Photo: Bongo
     -Photo: Bongo
     -Photo: Bongo (face close up)

3.27.18 PRESS RELEASE: Naples Zoo Extends Penguins in Paradise
   -Photo: Child and penguin
     -Video: Missy the penguin swimming
     -Photo: Sal the penguin
     -Photo: Squirt the penguin
     -Photo: Tubbs the penguin
     -Photo: Missy the penguin
     -Photo: All 4 penguins

1.19.18 PRESS RELEASE: New at the Zoo: Colobus Monkeys
     -Photo: Colobus
     -Photo: Colobus
     -Photo: Colobus eating
     -Photo: Colobus hugging tree
     -Photo: Colobus swinging

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