Conservation Lecture: Protecting Migratory Elephants

01/16/2020, 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM

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Elephants create many emotions. Many of us love these intelligent, social animals. Others are terrified for how a herd can take away a family’s future by destroying fields of crops in a single night. And some see them as their ticket to riches as tusks get converted into expensive ivory trinkets and elaborate carvings. And then there is the passion to dedicate one’s life to the conservation of these giants and the danger that accompanies that choice.

One of those people who has dedicated his life to these magnificent creatures is Dr. Charles Foley. He will share his work spanning more than 25 years in Tarangire National Park in Tanzania – the second longest elephant study in Africa! We will be able to celebrate the many successes working with the area communities and see the challenges still to face.

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About Dr. Charles Foley
Charles graduated with a BA in Zoology from Oxford University and a Phd in Biology from Princeton University. Since 1993 he has studied the elephant population in Tarangire National Park in northern Tanzania, covering a variety of different topics including demography, behavior, genetics, and movement patterns. His recent work has focused on identifying wildlife migration corridors and dispersal areas in the ecosystem and working with local communities to ensure their long-term protection. Charles has worked with the Tanzania Wildlife Research Institute to establish a large mammal database for the country, and produce a National Elephant Management Plan for Tanzania. He has a keen interest in mammals and co-authored a “Field Guide to the Larger Mammals of Tanzania”.

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