Birthday Party

Host your child's next birthday party at Naples Zoo! 

Our experienced team can help you plan the perfect birthday party! Let us do the work and you show up for a great birthday party for your child! Birthday parties must be booked two weeks in advance, so call today to reserve your party! 

Birthday Party Pricing:

Groups of 30 or more: Adults: $35 each  |  Children: $30 each
Groups of less than 30: Adults: $40 each  |  Children: $35 each

*Members will receive a 10% discount off the total cost.

What does this include?

· Full day Zoo Admission 

· Private space rental for 2 hours (11:00-1:00pm) or (2:00-4:00pm)

· Lunch for all guests (Menu

· Table cloths (Color options available) 

  · Larger space available; Please ask for details. 

To book your party, call 239-262-5409 ext. 152 or e-mail.


You're Saving Wildlife & Planting Trees
When you have an event with us, you're supporting the overall conservation and education mission of the nonprofit zoo and botanical garden. We also plant 500 trees in Forest Gardens through Trees for the Future for each event. These trees are planted in a Forest Garden in Africa which helps restore degraded lands, combats water scarcity, and decreases habitat loss for wildlife. And a Forest Garden typically quadruples a family's income within four years. By addressing poverty, the Forest Garden helps prevent people from choosing to do illegal activities that impact wildlife in order to feed their family. Naples Zoo has planted well over half a milion trees through this organization. Watch these videos: 2 Minute Overview19 minute documentary.

Thank you for helping us make a better world for people and wildlife.