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Naples Zoo Reopening Friday, October 14, 2022

Naples Zoo will Reopen Friday, October 14th

Naples Zoo will reopen to the public this Friday, October 14th.  As most of the downtown Naples area, the Zoo experienced storm surge, flooding, and wind damage. Thankfully, all the animals were safe and secure after the storm. As of the reopening date, the Zoo will have been closed for a total of 17 days. The Zoo attributes its ability to reopen to its incredible staff.

“The dedication of our staff is unmeasurable,” said Jack Mulvena, Naples Zoo, President and CEO. “Staff from all departments have been working to clean up debris and make repairs throughout the Zoo. We also must thank our donors, their investments prepared us with new facilities to endure this major hurricane. Special thanks to Denny and Tanya Glass, the Glass Animal Hospital kept our animals and staff safe.”

Many of the Zoo’s smaller animals and staff rode out the storm in the Glass Animal Hospital. This hurricane-proof building was a critical resource for avoiding the storm surge and keeping animals and staff safe during the storm. The new hurricane-proof Florida panther and tiger buildings also housed animals for safety throughout the Zoo. 

Like the rest of the Southwest Florida community, Hurricane Ian greatly impacted Naples Zoo. The biggest hurricane-related expenses will be garden restoration, on-site vehicles, fencing repair/replacement, and erosion on the primate islands, in addition to lost revenue. There is a tremendous need in the community, but if you would like to help with the Zoo’s recovery, please visit Donations can also be mailed to Naples Zoo at 1590 Goodlette Rd. Naples, FL 34102 or by calling (239) 262-5409 ext. 145.

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