Daily Schedule

Daily Schedule

  9:30 - Species Spotlight in Safari Canyon Theater
10:00 - Reptile Encounter in Safari Canyon Theater
10:30 - Species Spotlight in Safari Canyon Theater
11:00 - Species Spotlight in Safari Canyon Theater
- Species Spotlight in Safari Canyon Theater
  1:00 - Reptile Encounter in Safari Canyon Theater
  2:00 - Species Spotlight in Safari Canyon Theater
- Alligator Bay Feedingsponsored by Gator Country 101.9FM and Devoe Subaru of Naples

Species Spotlight
Enjoy informal talks with Q&A designed for you to discover one of our rare animals. Video will take you behind the scenes so you can explore different topics with each animal. You will see how animal care staff provide for the physical and mental wellbeing of our animals – and maybe even how you can help protect them in the wild. The species for each spotlight will be listed outside of Safari Canyon the day of. (Lasts about 10 minutes)

Reptile Encounter
Get to know one of our snakes, lizards, or tortoises as you learn about these wonderfully different, scaly creatures. During these informal talks with Q&A, you may you may see some examples of trained behaviors with our reptiles or find out the unusual ways we make their lives more interesting and why reptiles are important to all of us. (Lasts about 10 minutes)

Please note: In compliance with Collier County Emergency/Executive Order 2020-5, Naples Zoo will be requiring guests to wear masks inside Safari Canyon.

Primate Expedition Cruise: Sponsored by The Florida Everblades
-Cruises will begin at 8:45 am with the last tour at 3:15. Captains will have a lunch break from 10:45 am to 11:45 am daily.
-Guests must continue to follow CDC guidelines for social distancing and maintain 6 feet or more away from other parties while waiting in line.
-Masks are required both in the queuing area and during the Cruise.
-The boats will have limited capacities on every trip.
-Our boats are sitting on pontoons and weight distribution is important for the boat to ride evenly. Due to this issue, please be seated where the boat Captain recommends. To maintain balance on the boat and meet the social distancing guidelines, families or groups may not be able to sit together.

The Giraffe exhibit and feeding station are currently under construction.