Field Trip Experiences

Field Trip Experience

Take learning to the next level!
Make your field trip a valuable learning opportunity by including a unique Field Trip Experience! Taught by experienced educators, programs include interactive STEM lessons and an education animal encounter while supporting the standards you are teaching in your classroom. These programs last 45 minutes so you still have time to see the Zoo.

Due to COVID-19 health and safety measures, this program is currently unavailable. Please check back for future updates. Thank you!

Field Trip Experience Programs

Early Education (3-5 year olds)
Outrageous Outsides

Sharpen student investigation skills through the exploration of animal and plant coverings. How does an animal’s outside help it survive? What about plants? Students conduct simple experiments to explore how different outsides help with different needs.
Standards: VI.A.1.a.- b., VI.A.2.a., VI.B.1.a.

Savvy Senses NEW!
Become a sense-ational expert!  Students will explore their own senses and learn the important role that senses play in their everyday life.  Learning will extend into the animal kingdom as students master animal senses and environments through a series of interactive games, creative habitat construction, and the observation of live animals!
Standards: VI.B.1.e., VI.A.1.a, VI.A.1.b

Kindergarten and 1st Grade
We're All Unique!

Earn your Zookeeper keys! Challenge your observation skills and learn about the unique characteristics of animal families. Identify the individuals by their traits so you can give them the best care possible.
Standards: SC.K.L.14.3, SC.1.L.16.1

Animal Sizes
Compare students to animals! Are students as tall as a tiger? Are a student’s hands as big as a black bear’s paws? Students will use non-standard measurements to discover the diversity of animals and how their sizeable features stack up for survival.
Standards: SC.K.P.8.1, SC.1.L.17.1, SC.1.P.8.1

2nd and 3rd Grade
Survival of the Seasons

Become a master of migration. Learn the challenges animals face as they journey across the African savanna in a feat for survival! Students will put their engineering and problem-solving skills to the test as they encounter realistic scenarios.
Standards: SC.2.E.7.1, SC.2.L.17.1, SC.3.L.17.1

Zoo by Design
Create your very own zoo! How would you organize it? Upon studying Naples Zoo’s map, students will be challenged to classify the amazing Zoo residents by geography and taxonomic class.
Standards: SC.2.L.16.1, SC.3.L.15.1

4th and 5th Grade
Swamp Detectives

Be a sleuth of the wild and see if you can crack the code!  Students will earn their detective badges with this “escape room” style program as they follow clues and investigate an invasive species discovered in the swamp. 
Standards: SC.4.L.16.2, SC.4.L.17.4, SC.5.E.7.5, SC.5.L.15.1

Wildlife Trackers
Conserve wildlife through the use of technology!  An animal’s population is in peril, and it’s up to your class to find out why. Students will use scientific research tools as they learn how to track animals. They will practice using the scientific method to test a hypothesis and create solutions to save a species!
Standards: SC.4.L.16.2, SC.4.L.17.4, SC.5.E.7.5, SC.5.L.15.1

Field Trip Experience Rate

Up to 25 individuals per program
 1 Program   $75 + Zoo admission

*All schools are required to fill out a Field Trip Request Form.

Reservation Information

  • Programs must be booked at least three weeks prior to your desired visit date.
  • One adult is required for every 10 students/children attending the program.
  • Your program will begin 15 minutes after your set arrival time.

A $50 deposit is required to secure the reservation date, and will be used toward your final payment. Payment in full is due one week prior to your reservation date. To make payment via credit card, please contact the Education Department at 239-262-5409 ext. 158. To make payment via check, please make it out to Naples Zoo and mail it to 1590 Goodlette Rd. Naples, FL 34102. 

Late Arrival
If your group arrives after the scheduled start time, we will do our best to accommodate the group, however the program may need to be shortened or cancelled due to tardiness. No refund will be given for an abbreviated program or cancelled program due to late arrival.

Change of Reservation
Any changes to your group reservation must be approved by the Education Department at least two weeks prior to your scheduled visit date. If your reservation date change is made less than two weeks prior to the scheduled visit date, the $50.00 deposit will be charged as inconvenience fee, and a new registration will need to be scheduled at least three weeks in advance, and will require a new deposit fee.

If you need to cancel your program, the cancellation notice must be given to the Education Department two weeks prior to the scheduled visit date. If cancellation notice is given less than two weeks from program date, the $50.00 deposit will be used as cancellation fee. If you do not attend the program on the date and time of your reservation, it will be considered a "No Show" and a refund will not be issued.

Rain Checks
Rain checks will not be issued for this program.

Education Department

Phone: 239-262-5409 ext. 158

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