Honey Badger

Honey Badger

Scientific Name

Mellivora capensis


Africa, south of Sahara; Asia, western

What do they eat?

Omnivore; primarily carnivorous; lizards, insects, eggs, occasionally fruit, venomous snakes, carrion




Up to 20 years

Conservation Threats

Human conflict with beekeepers and farmers

Get Closer with Wild Encounters!

Did you know you can go behind-the-scenes with the honey badgers?
At the Honey Badger Wild Encounter, you can help take care of our trio of badgers by making fun, food-filled enrichment. You’ll even go into the exhibit to place the enrichment yourself! Then, the badgers will be let out to find their treats! The Honey Badger Wild Encounter is offered every Friday at 10 am! Click here for a video overview!

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