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Thank you for your interest in joining Naples Zoo. We have hundreds of applicants each year, but only a few join our select team of dedicated professionals. Because of the kind of work we do, applicants need to be at least 18 years old. Please e-mail your resume or print the Zoo Employment Application, complete it, and e-mail it to jobs@napleszoo.org. Naples Zoo is a non-profit inclusive business.

Employment Application

(Due to the high volume of applicants, we may not be able to acknowledge receipt of your application; we will be in touch should we need additional information or select you to interview for one of our open positions.) Naples Zoo is a Drug Free Workplace.

Please note: INTERNSHIP information and VOLUNTEER opportunities are listed separately.

Current Openings

Admissions Attendant    I    Part Time 

Must be age 18 or older.  This position requires a friendly, outgoing, and patient disposition at all times.  The admissions attendant must be able to handle cash and charge transactions.  He or she needs to have a basic knowledge of mammals, avian and reptiles in a zoological environment.  This person also needs to stay updated on all of the park history, daily schedule and special events.  Weekend work required.

Animal Care Professional – Reptiles    i     Part Time                                                                                                                   

The ideal candidate will possess a solid foundation in reptile biology, husbandry, and pertinent conservation issues. This person will assist with the daily care of reptiles and amphibians including venomous snakes, large pythons, and crocodilians. As part of the reptile department, they will also be responsible for daily public presentations using a variety of reptiles in different settings.

Animal Care Professional (Swing keeper)    I    Full Time                                                            

The swing keeper position in the animal department will be trained to work in all of the animal areas of the zoo.  The person must be flexible and able to respond to changes quickly.  The swing keeper will also work with a large variety of personalities and situations and must be able to adapt to the environment communicate effectively.  To apply, please send resume and cover letter to HR@napleszoo.org or to Director of Animal Programs lrottman@napleszoo.org

commissary tech / animal care professional   |   full time

The Commissary Professional and Animal Care Professional position will be primarily responsible for the daily diet preparation for the animal collection.  In addition, several days a week, this position will rotate through the various animal areas (hoofstock/primates, animal ambassadors/shows, ectotherms, carnivores) to provide daily husbandry, enrichment, and training of the animals in those areas.  This position requires a high degree of organization, flexibility within the workday, and excellent communication skills.

horticulture Technician   I   Full Time

The Horticulture Technician is responsible for landscape duties and functions as necessary to meet operating needs with a high degree of efficiency and independence to maintain performance standards. The horticulture technician must have the ability or the ability to learn the use of mowers, edgers, trimmers, chainsaws and other landscape equipment that pertains to the work.  The ability to drive a golf cart and tractors is also necessary for this position.  Proper safety equipment and training is provided for this job.

park attendant   |   full time

The Park Attendant is mainly responsible for park cleanliness and guest safety. This person must be comfortable communicating with guests as individuals or in large groups. The ability to enforce zoo rules and policies is important as well as the ability to communicate in a personable way with guests when answering queries.

Veterinary Technician   I   Full Time

The Veterinary Technician position at Naples Zoo will be responsible for coordinating medical procedures with the Zoo’s veterinarian, managing the hospital, and working with other technician staff to achieve smooth daily operations while providing the highest standard of animal care. Essential duties include, but are not limited to, set-up and clean-up of animal procedures, performance of clinical labwork, distribution of prescriptions, facility and equipment maintenance, maintenance of pharmaceutical and supply inventories, participation in gross necropsies, performance of daily husbandry of quarantined/hospitalized animals, and input of animal records. Candidates must be a graduate of an AVMA accredited program, and at least 3 years of experience with zoo or exotic medicine is preferred. Compensation is commensurate with experience. A complete job posting is available on the AZA website.


Submitting Applications:

email to:


or Mail to:

Human Resources Office, 1590 Goodlette Road, Naples FL 34102

or fax to:


You can also fill out an application or drop resumes off at the Zoo. The Zoo is conveniently located in the heart of Naples.

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