New Cheetahs!


New Cheetahs!

Cheetahs Spotted!

 Naples Zoo  I Now Open


 Naples, FL - Naples Zoo at Caribbean Gardens is welcoming two new cheetahs to the nationally accredited zoo and historic garden. These elegant creatures will be coming from White Oak Conservation Center in North Florida. Both cats were born and raised at White Oak Conservation Center.  The new cats in town are sisters and they are nine years old. The new cheetahs will make their grand debut to the public on Tuesday, January 12, 2016.   

Once widespread across Africa, into the Middle East and east to India, the cheetah has suffered dramatic declines over the last century. More recently, widespread habitat destruction has fragmented cheetah habitats, isolating many populations. In many areas, the cheetah’s prey has been over hunted by humans. An estimated 7,000 to 10,000 wild cheetahs survive. Cheetah strongholds, where possible, must be connected to allow genetic interchange if this species is to survive.    

Posted by Courtney Jolly at 12:56
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