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Naples Zoo Press Room

Thank you for your interest in sharing news regarding the mission of the nonprofit Naples Zoo at Caribbean Gardens. Press releases and related media may be found below. All images are to be credited © Naples Zoo at Caribbean Gardens unless otherwise noted and are strictly for media use only. Please contact if you are in need of a photo that is not listed.

10.9.19 PRESS RELEASE: Celebrate Halloween at Boo at the Zoo

7.29.19: PRESS RELEASE: Lion Cubs Debut at Naples Zoo

6.27.19: PRESS RELEASE: Critically Endangered Red-Ruffed Lemurs Born at Naples Zoo

5.23.19: PRESS RELEASE: Lion Cubs Born at Naples Zoo

5.1.19: PRESS RELEASE: Endangered Clouded Leopard Kittens Make Their Debut at Naples Zoo
     -Photo: Clouded Leopard Kitten in Safari Canyon
     -Photo: Clouded Leopard Kitten in Safari Canyon

1.29.19: PRESS RELEASE: Naples Zoo Announces Birth of Two Endangered Clouded Leopard Kittens
     -Photo: Clouded Leopard Kittens Just Born
     -Photo: Clouded Leopard Kittens Three Weeks Old
     -Photo: Clouded Leopard Kittens Six Weeks Old

1.29.19: PRESS RELEASE: Naples Zoo Announces Birth of Critically Endangered Eastern Bongo
     -Photo: Bongo Calf
     -Photo: Bongo Calf
     -Photo: Bongo Calf

10.22.18: PRESS RELEASE: Naples Zoo Presents "Washed Ashore: Art to Save the Sea"
     -Photo: Natasha the Turtle
     -Photo: Chompers the Shark
     -Photo: Octavia the Octopus
     -Photo: Priscilla the Parrot Fish

9.17.18: PRESS RELEASE: Naples Zoo Saddened to Announce Death of Uno
     -Photo: Uno
     -Photo: Uno
     -Photo: Uno

5.11.18 PRESS RELEASE: Naples Zoo Breaking Ground on the Glass Animal Hospital
   -Photo: Group photo
     -Photo: Breaking ground

4.18.18 PRESS RELEASE: Naples Zoo Announces Final Exhibit to Re-Open after Hurricane Irma
   -Photo: Bongo
     -Photo: Bongo
     -Photo: Bongo (face close up)

3.27.18 PRESS RELEASE: Naples Zoo Extends Penguins in Paradise
   -Photo: Child and penguin
     -Video: Missy the penguin swimming
     -Photo: Sal the penguin
     -Photo: Squirt the penguin
     -Photo: Tubbs the penguin
     -Photo: Missy the penguin
     -Photo: All 4 penguins

1.19.18 PRESS RELEASE: New at the Zoo: Colobus Monkeys
     -Photo: Colobus
     -Photo: Colobus
     -Photo: Colobus eating
     -Photo: Colobus hugging tree
     -Photo: Colobus swinging

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