Private Events

Let your imagination run wild with your event at Naples Zoo! We have endless possibilities to create memories that last a lifetime, from weddings to corporate events! Imagine having your event feet from wildlife and within a lush tropical garden. Naples Zoo’s seasoned team will create a custom experience designed with your specific needs in mind. To create your wild experience, call 239-262-5409 ext. 152 or e-mail.


Black Bear Hammock

This space features a rustic, picturesque theme for your event. The cabin can be utilized as well to give your  event a "southern Florida twist." This area is near the Malayan tiger and black bear exhibits.

Great for:

Wedding receptions, wedding photos, corporate events


150 seated, 300 cocktail style

Lagoon Loop

This space is located along the shores of Lake Victoria, overlooking the primate islands. With a thatched roof  gazebo and view of the South African lions and zebras, this area provides the wild theme you're after!

Great for:

Wedding ceremonies, wedding receptions, and photos


150 seated, 300 cocktail style

RainForest Grove

This is our largest event space, surrounded by trees and plants.  This space provides the perfect backdrop for any outdoor event. You can choose to have a tent or the open sky as you celebrate.

Great for:

Wedding ceremonies, wedding receptions, corporate events/dinners


300 seated under 60 x 100 tent, 400 seated without a tent, 500 cocktail style

Photo Opportunities

Royal Palm Walkway
Historic Garden
Historic garden
Lake Victoria

Click here to view our full Wedding Photo Album! Special thanks to Smile Sparkle Snap for the photos, The Real Mrs. Makeup, Laura Jacobs Bridal, and The Tuxxman.
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Contact Us!

If you have questions or would like to set up an appointment for a complimentary site tour, contact Katherine Martinez, Sales & Events Manager, at 239-262-5409 ext. 152 or email Tour times: Monday-Friday 9 am - 5 pm, Weekends by appointment only.

You're Saving Wildlife & Planting Trees
When you have an event with us, you're supporting the overall conservation and education mission of the nonprofit zoo and botanical garden. We also plant 500 trees in Forest Gardens through Trees for the Future for each event. These trees are planted in a Forest Garden in Africa which helps restore degraded lands, combats water scarcity, and decreases habitat loss for wildlife. And a Forest Garden typically quadruples a family's income within four years. By addressing poverty, the Forest Garden helps prevent people from choosing to do illegal activities that impact wildlife in order to feed their family. Naples Zoo has planted well over half a milion trees through this organization. Watch these videos: 2 Minute Overview19 minute documentary.

Thank you for helping us make a better world for people and wildlife.