Safari Squad

Safari Squad (Toddler Programs)

Bring your little explorer for a playful adventure at “Safari Squad!"!  Each class includes an animal encounter, storybook reading, creative art, and free-choice play stations, such as sensory play and nature-based activities. Each month features a new theme, and programs occur on the second Wednesday and Saturday of each month. Classes begin at 10:00 am and usually last an hour.

2020 Dates:

June 10 and 13
Aquatic Adventures

Take a plunge into the depths of the sea.  Learn about animals that live in the ocean from the tops of the waves to the deepest depths.  Play like ocean animals and learn about the unique adaptations they possess!

July 15 and 18
Whose Patterns are Those?

Stripes, spots, and solids…oh my!  Animals come in a variety of patterns that allow them to stand out or hide.  Test your animal pattern identification skills and create your own animal pattern to wear!

August 12 and 15
Animals and Olympians

What a better way to celebrate the diversity and talent of the animal kingdom than to recognize them as Olympians!  Come on down and try your talents while learning about animals who top the charts for the fastest, slowest, strongest bite and more!

September 16 and 19
Unique Animal Relationships

Animals share bonds with their same species and with others who are unlikely animal “friends”.  They occupy the same spaces and work together to help one another out.  See if you can match the species and play as these animal pairs do!

October 14 and 17
Can Animals Move without Legs?

There are plenty of animals that spend their days navigating the world without any legs or feet.  Explore this amazing world from the ground to the ocean and learn how to move without your legs too!

November 11 and 14
Backyard Critters

What animals can we find when we explore our backyard? Become an explorer and discover cool animals that live in our tropical home. They can be really good at hiding- just like you!

December 16 and 19
Building Blocks at the Zoo

Celebrate STEM by building at the zoo!  Learn what it takes to make exhibits for animals, and explore a variety of materials that can be used to build them.  Be a Zoo Director and design your Zoo- you can choose where the animals live and how their habitats look.


Members: $10 per child/adult pair
Non-members: $12 per child/adult pair + admission (Admission into the Zoo is not included for non-members.)
*Additional children or additional adults not part of the pair are $5.

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Questions? Email us at or call 239-262-5409 ext. 158