Safari Squad

Join us for a Zoo adventure to see nature through your toddler’s eyes!
Bring your young explorer for a playful adventure at Safari Squad. This program is now available to both members and non-members, and designed for children 3 to 5 years old and an adult. Classes feature an animal encounter, storybook reading, creative art, and free-choice play stations, such as sensory play and nature-based activities. Every month has four weeks of themed learning and nature play activities. Sign up your toddler for an individual class or join us for all four weeks of play!  

Program Rates

Member Child/Adult Pair  $12 per class
Non-Member Child/Adult Pair  $15 per class + child Zoo admission + adult Zoo admission 
Member Additional Adult    $10 per class  
Non-member Additional Adult   $10 per class + adult Zoo admission 


Program Themes and Dates

JANUARY  - Winter Wonderland - Brrr… Did you know that some animals prefer to live in the cold? Come into our Winter Wonderland and learn about the animals of the Artic. Learn how animals survive these chilling temperatures, navigate icebergs and find food under inches of snow and ice!

  • Wednesday, January 26* Seals in the Sea
  • Saturday, January 29*  Seals in the Sea

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FEBRUARY  -  High in the Tree Tops - Calling all you little tree climbers! Come and harness your love of nature by learning about tree dwelling animals. Find out how a wide variety of animals inhabit the trees around you!

  • Wednesday, February 2* Leaping Lemurs 
  • Saturday, February 5* Leaping Lemurs 
  • Wednesday, February 9* Busy Birds 
  • Saturday, February 12* Busy Birds 
  • Wednesday, February 16* Lounging Lizards
  • Saturday, February 19* Lounging Lizards  
  • Wednesday, February 23* Silly Spiders 
  • Saturday, February 26* Silly Spiders 

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March -  Hide and Seek - Now you see them, now you don’t! Animals have all sorts of adaptations to help them camouflage. Join in on a scavenger hunt to search for animals around the zoo. Dress up and play like an animal in hiding to learn all about how animals blend into their environments. 

  • Wednesday, March 2* Rainforest Adventurers
  • Saturday, March 5* Rainforest Adventurers  
  • Wednesday, March 9* Desert Dwellers
  • Saturday, March 12* Desert Dwellers
  • Wednesday, March 23* Swamp Detectives
  • Saturday, March 26* Swamp Detectives  
  • Wednesday, March 30* Reef Warriors
  • Saturday, April 2* Reef Warriors

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April -  Save the Animals! -  Every species is important and makes the world a special place. There are all types of animals out there that need our help! Learn how to save animals that you can see in the zoo and out in the wild such as sea turtles, Florida panthers, tigers, and cotton top tamarins.

  • Wednesday, April 6* Saving Turtles
  • Saturday, April 9* Saving Turtles  
  • Wednesday, April 13* Protecting Panthers 
  • Saturday, April 16* Protecting Panthers 
  • Wednesday, April 20* Saving Turtles
  • Saturday, April 23* Saving Turtles  
  • Wednesday, April 27* Protecting Panthers 
  • Saturday, April 30* Protecting Panthers 

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COVID-19 Safety Precautions

  • It is recommended for anyone who is not vaccinated to wear a mask for the duration of the program.
  • Opportunities to use sanitizer throughout the program will be available and are encouraged.
  • All cleaning, sanitizing, and disinfecting procedures have increased in frequency and will continue for all program materials.

Registration Information

  • This program is available to both member and non-members.
  • Pre-registration for this program is required, and must be made a minimum of two days prior to the program date.
  • Classes begin at 9:00 am and last one hour. Please arrive up to 15 minutes early for the program.
  • Locations for the program are subject to change and will be communicated in advance.


  • The cost of this program is based on a one-to one child/adult ratio. Any additional children must be paid for, and have an additional adult accompany them in the program.
  • Payment for the program, and any additional attendees, is due in full upon registration from the program.


  • A cancellation notice must be given seven days prior to the program date to receive a full refund. If a cancellation notice is given less than one week from program start date, this will result in a fee of 50% of the total cost of the registration.
  • * A minimum of three participants is required to hold the program.  In the event of low enrollment, a cancellation notice will be sent to the registrant email, and a full refund for the class will be given.

Education Department

Phone: 239-262-5409 ext. 158

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