Six-Banded Armadillo

Six-Banded Armadillo

Six-Banded Armadillo

Scientific Name

Euphractus sexcinctus


East-central South America


Savannahs and deciduous forests

What do they eat?

Omnivore; small invertebrates, insects, and fruits


Least concern based on its wide distribution

Conservation Threats

Running into roadways and getting hit by cars, hunted for food

Fun Facts
  • A powerful sense of smell so they’re attracted to food trash thrown on the side of highways
  • Armadillo burrows are integral to the survival of many other species. The burrows are at a constant temperature year-round so many other species utilize them when it is very hot or cold
  • Doesn’t roll in a ball (only three-banded can) instead it tucks the vulnerable parts of its body under its shell and flattens out
  • Also jumps high and quick to scare predators
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