Spring Camp WILD

Spring 2020 Edition

Camps are offered year-round and have daily or weekly themes. Camps include games, tours, crafts and dynamic animal encounters to immerse children in nature while meeting new friends.
Camp Ages: 5 to 10 years old
Camp Time: 9:00 am - 4:00 pm

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Sky's the Limit - SOLD OUT!
Monday, March 9

View the world from above and learn about animals that are engineered by nature to navigate the planet. Together we will explore science of wings! Discover the variety of characteristics these winged creatures have. From specialized eating habits to unique communication styles, we will discover the similarities and differences of these aerial adventurers. SOLD OUT!

Investigation: Habitats - SOLD OUT!
Tuesday, March 10

Take part in a sleuth safari as you discover the deserts and savannahs of the world.  Learn about the diversity of animals that live in these ecosystems, and begin to recognize tracks, scats, and plants that play vital roles.  Investigate the important adaptations that are needed to thrive in such extreme environments. SOLD OUT!

Can You Dig It? - SOLD OUT!
Wednesday, March 11

Let’s “dig” up some fun while learning about unique underground dwellers! Explore different substrates where burrowing animals live and fossils lay!  Dig through sand, dust for fossils, and learn about the important role the Earth plays for animals of the past and present! SOLD OUT!

Framing Forests - SOLD OUT!
Thursday, March 12

Practice framing for photography while discovering forests!  Navigate these lush ecosystems and see if you can capture an image of one of many creatures that call the forest home.  Explore and learn about the National Geographic Photo Ark Exhibition and investigate the unique characteristics of animals that live in forested environments. SOLD OUT!

Water Wonderland - SOLD OUT!
Friday, March 13

Set sail on a journey to the waterways of the world!  Discover the importance of water and its role in sustaining life and learn about the animals that live in it! Experiment with the water cycle, play as an ocean creature, and dive into the aquatic environments in our community. SOLD OUT!


Members: $54 per child per day
Non-members: $64 per child per day
*10% off for multiple days or multiple campers

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