Summer Camp WILD

Summer 2019 Edition


Camp WILD is a week-long daily camp where campers will enjoy games, activities, behind-the-scenes tours, animal encounters and arts and crafts, and much more! Campers are separated into three groups based on their ages. Each week, campers receive morning and afternoon snacks, indoor and outdoor time, and a t-shirt. Please review the Camp WILD Parent Information Packet and map
Camp starts the week of June 10 and runs through the week of August 5. There is no camp the week of July 4th. You can sign your children up for one week or multiple weeks!
Camp Time:
9:00 am - 4:00 pm. Extended Care is available for an additional fee.
Camp Ages: 5 - 12 years old. Campers will be divided up based on age.


Island Hopping - Week of June 10 (sold out!) and july 15 (sold out!)

Grab your sunscreen and comfy shoes; we are island hopping this week! From Madagascar where the fosa roam to Australia where some of the most interesting creatures lurk- join us for a grand adventure! We will explore island life and how island dwellers can be so unique in both look and behavior than mainland animals. SOLD OUT!

Spies of the Wild - week of june 17 (sold out!) and july 22 (Sold out!)

Don’t make a sound- spies don’t want to get caught! Decode secret messages and follow clues to uncover animal mysteries. Each day you’ll master a spy skill while discovering how animals have their own masterful spy strategies. By the end of the week, campers will be become a Super Sleuth! Be ready for anything, young recruits! SOLD OUT!

Magizoologist Training 101 - week of june 24 (sold out!) and july 29 (sold out!)

Who doesn’t want to learn about animals with magical abilities? This week, we’ll explore the special animals found in our favorite wizarding series and discover how they compare to the incredible animals found in our daily world! Get sorted into your House, create your own magical creature habitat, learn how potions, herbology, charms and other magical abilities can help you save animals through this week-long fairy-tale adventure! Accio Campers! SOLD OUT!

Zoologist Survivor! - week of july 8 and august 5 (sold out!)

It’s survival of the fittest, or the smartest, out here in the wild! Join us as we go through a series of challenges to determine which animals rank at the top for their survival skills and learn what your favorite survival strategies are. Can you camouflage like a python, run like a cheetah, and stalk like a lion? It is survival week- the challenge is on! SOLD OUT!


Members: $270 per camper per week 
$295 per camper week
*Extended Care: 8 am - 5:30 pm ($50 weekly fee)
*Discounts: 10% off for multiple weeks or multiple campers

Register Now! - Summer Camp WILD is sold out, however you can still register to be added to our waiting list!

*Waiting list spots are contingent on other campers canceling or not showing up.*

Questions? Email us at or call 239-262-5409 ext. 158!

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