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Program Spotlight: Field Trips and Field Trip Experiences

Naples Zoo is the perfect place to take your students for a Field Trip! Students will spend time outdoors, burn off some energy, meet some incredible animals they may never see anywhere else, and be fully immersed in a learning environment as you tour them around. By attending the Safari Show, Meet the Keeper Series and reading signage around the Zoo, students will enjoy soaking up everything they can.

You can also add-on to your Field Trip with standards-based programs! Field Trip Experiences are designed to heighten your students learning beyond your typical field trip. These programs connecting their classroom curriculum to wildlife and conservation!  They offer an experience for your students that provide an opportunity to practice STEM skills and have state standards reinforced

During Field Trip Experience programs, your students will engage with a Zoo Educator through a series of activities, games, art, and live animal encounters.  There are two program options for each grade level, from early education through fifth grade. Learn more here! 

One Tree Planted for Each Student! 

When you take a field trip to Naples Zoo, you're planting trees and changing lives! Naples Zoo plants one tree for each student visiting on a field trip through Trees for the Future. These trees are planted in a Forest Garden in Africa which helps restore degraded lands, combats water scarcity, and decreases habitat loss for wildlife. And a Forest Garden typically quadruples a family's income within four years. By addressing poverty, the Forest Garden helps prevent people from choosing to do illegal activities that impact wildlife in order to feed their family. Naples Zoo has planted well over half a milion trees through this organization. Watch these videos: 2 Minute Overview. 19 minute documentary.

Thank you for your help in our conservation and education mission!