Winter Camp

Winter 2019 Edition

Winter Camp WILD is a daily camp where you can sign up for one day or multiple. Camps include games, tours, crafts and dynamic animal encounters to immerse children in nature while meeting new friends.
Camp Ages: 5 to 10 years old
Camp Time: 9:00 am - 4:00 pm

Jr. Photographer - SOLD OUT!
Friday, December 27

Express your artistic eye through the lens of a camera!  Campers will capture and share wildlife conservation through the use of digital photography.  Through exploration of National Geographic’s Photo Ark and the work of photographer and conservationist, Joel Sartore, campers will learn about various creative expressions that can be used to share the importance of animals around the world. SOLD OUT!

Life without a Backbone - Only 1 Space Left!
Monday, December 30

Get up close and personal with millipedes, insects, arachnids, and other incredible invertebrates. Learn about their biology and how they live their unique lives without a backbone.  Explore the important role that these organisms play in balancing the natural world. Register Now!

Midnight Masquerade - SOLD OUT!
Tuesday, December 31

Roar into the New Year at this jungle party!  Campers will prepare for the new year by discovering animals of the night. Nocturnal animals fill the night with life, spending each night awake and active. See what animals lurk in the darkest of hours, able to live by moonlight, and navigate the darkest of places. SOLD OUT!

Snowbirds - SOLD OUT!
Thursday, January 2

While the warm temperatures of Florida are attractive to people, it also offers a great place for birds and other animals to migrate to! Campers will “soar” above the Everglades at a bird’s eye and see all of the wonderful places that host a plethora of wildlife during the cold winter months of the north.  Learn about the migration patterns of a variety of animals including birds, insects, and more! SOLD OUT!

Cold Climate Critters - SOLD OUT!
Friday, January 3

Explore animals that have incredible adaptations that offer optimal survival in the coldest of places!  Dive deep into the Arctic Ocean and see the animals that fill the sea.  Walk the path of a polar bear as it crosses the barren snowy landscape.  Waddle with giant emperor penguins to and from the nest in the most frigid of blizzards.  All aboard the virtual Tundra Buggy for an adventure you won’t forget! SOLD OUT!

Flurries in Florida - Six Spaces Left!
Monday, January 6

What would happen if animals from other climates try to live in the hot, humid swamps of Florida?  Explore animal adaptations and how adaptations allow animals to survive. The climate is changing and the planet is warming; learn about how animals are adapting in order to survive. Register Now!


Members: $54 per child per day
Non-members: $64 per child per day
*10% off for multiple days or multiple campers

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