Zoo Etiquette

 Please keep our zoo etiquette in mind while visiting! 

 Do Not Throw Objects at Animals: It hurts! It can sometimes kill - from impact or being swallowed. For their safety, straws and lids are not allowed.   

 Do Not Feed the Animals:  That’s our job.  Do we come to your office and answer the phone? But seriously though, it can make them sick.     

 Photo Fun: Personal pics and videos? No worries. Commercial use is trickier. Contact marketing@napleszoo.org.      

 Watch the Kids. Running & skating are prohibited - especially with scissors.    

 Stick to the Path:  Never sit on, reach over, or cross any fence or barrier.  Never set your child on or over any barrier - even if they have been sassy.  

 Shirts & shoes must be worn. Clothing, plus text and images on it must be family-friendly. 

 Fierce Creatures: Wildlife can inflict serious and even fatal injuries. For your safety, do not tease or try to touch any animal.    

 Pretty, but Don’t Touch:  Plants can be toxic or sharp. Don’t climb trees - creepy crawlies live up there. Eat fruit at the Café, not off the trees.     

 Don’t Burn or Get Burned:  No Smoking. Use sunscreen - even cloudy days don’t stop UV rays. In case of lightning, head into the gift shop.    

 Keep Dry! If a cat turns and raises its tail, you’re about to be marked.   

Violators who compromise animal welfare or public safety will be unceremoniously ejected from Naples Zoo by staff or law enforcement and may be subject to penalty under Florida law.